Jana Robertson Roberts and Lamb Decorators

Hi, I'm Jana. I am a decorator passionate about creating simple, functional, and beautiful spaces, whether you’re seeking a few quick fix decorating ideas for "that one room," a full home redecoration, or anything in between.

My belief that home should be a place of peace—aesthetically and organizationally—is at the core of my design philosophy. I want you to love being in your home.

I highly value beauty for the eyes and function for every-day living. Even though I have five energetic little kids doesn’t mean I should compromise on design: I refuse to sacrifice beauty for function. Nor can beauty override the practical needs of daily living—incorporating your unique functional needs into your space is a core part of my calling.

My aesthetic is international and home-grown, founded on the pursuit of simplicity. I grew up in small-town New Hampshire, attended design school in LA, decorated mansions in Mexico City, and live in an uncomplicated house with my husband and kids outside of Washington, DC. Different seasons of living—single, with my husband, and with kids—honed my belief that form and function can and should dwell together in one space. That unity of form and function brings peace. And that every space has a unique path to peace. My work—my joy—is to walk that path with you.

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation, contact me here.


“Jana is an excellent designer. She listens to your goals, is responsive to your needs, and makes the design process fun! She brings an artist’s eye to the use of color and texture and her energy is infectious. She is not afraid to mix traditional and modern, to put high-end pieces next to affordable finds, and manages to integrate small touches that make a space feel personal. Jana transformed our guest room into a haven for our visitors and with small, specific changes, made a huge difference in almost every room of our house. And I really appreciate that she found ways to achieve our goals without breaking the bank. I can’t recommend her more highly!” - Client B Lomas

“Jana took our vague ideas and hopes and executed a vision that looks beautiful, feels right and is practical for our family. Her approach is not just about creating magazine-worthy spaces - she also works with her clients to create a life that works for them. I love being in our home: it feels calm, warm and very "us." - Client K Sierra

“The first day Jana walked into my house she said ‘Your favorite color is purple.’ She was 100% right. She read my style, listened to my input, and pulled together a design that went beyond anything I imagined for our house. She was thoughtful, endlessly creative, and always responsive to my questions and input. My husband, three kids, and I all live in our house, so the interior has to work. My husband loved Jana’s work too. I never thought I’d write that—he was skeptical of her value until she delivered a beautiful and livable space within our budget. Her clear vision and wise sourcing saved us money and time. I joke that she made our house ‘adult’—we love hosting friends, family, and business associates in our home.” - Client J Angeles